3 Cold Facts about Hair Loss Very Few People Discuss

facts about hair los

Seeing as most of us put a lot of thought in our hair, dealing with hair loss is never an easy thing. Over time, we’ve learned a lot more about the possible reasons why this problem occurs. Still, there are some things few people talk about when they discuss the topic of hair loss. Few people will mention these three facts about hair loss. But if we want to get a better understanding of this issue, it is good to keep them in mind.

1. Hair Loss Is Hard on Your Psyche

There’s more to hair loss than appearances. When this problem occurs, it takes its toll on a man’s psyche. The most common consequence of hair loss is lower self-esteem in men who have to deal with it.

It doesn’t end there, though. As a result of lost confidence, some men isolate themselves. This, in turn, makes it easy for severe anxiety and depression to kick in. Luckily, if you start hair loss treatment early in the process, you can avoid this.

2. It Begins Long Before You Notice It

Here’s the thing: most of us only deal with hair loss after we notice the problem. Yet by the time we notice our hair line receding, it might be too late to stop the issue in its tracks. This is one of the least talked about facts about hair loss.

See, by the time hair loss becomes easy to spot with your eye, almost half of our hair follicles will have died. As such, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to reverse the problem. To treat hair loss successfully, you must start as soon as you realize you’re losing more hair than normal.

3. Hair Loss Is Age-Related

Did you know that your age is one of the major contributing factors to hair loss? By the time they turn 35, almost one in three men will have experienced this issue to a certain extent.

As they age, chances of them developing hair loss problems are increasing. So, by the time they’re 50, nearly half of all men will have to deal with this issue. It’s one of the scarier facts about hair loss, but you can lower the risk by taking proper care of your hair.