3 Not-So-Great Ways Men Try to Hide a Bald Spot

In their search for youth and in an effort to avoid appearing bald, men have spent millions of dollars and many years trying to find a way to hide their hair loss. While there are options out there that work, are practical to use and look attractive, there are also many options that only make the situation worse. Don’t be one of those guys and don’t try to use one of the following (unfortunately common) tactics.

1. The Comb Over

It’s a technique used for centuries, and it hasn’t gotten better with time. While a subtle comb over can work, such as moving your part by an inch or two and locking everything in place with hairspray or mousse, try to avoid anything more extreme than that. While combing your hair from the back to the front, or sweeping it completely from one side of your scalp, can hide the bald spot, it’s also a very obvious maneuver and people will know exactly what you’re trying to hide.

2. Spray Paint

There are many products out there that are essentially spray paint for your bald spot. You basically match the product’s color to your hair color and apply it liberally. While some men swear by it, the many negative reviews on e-commerce sites like Amazon show the pitfalls. Everything from a chance rain shower to a sweaty afternoon can cause unfortunate side effects.

3. Tattoos

Women are embracing the microblading trend, which involves tattooing fine lines on their eyebrows to fill in their eyebrows or add color. People who are experiencing thinning and balding are also trying this for their scalp. While it could be tempting, health officials are warning of the risks of infections and irritation (which can cause permanent balding). Plus, as you lose more hair or as your hair color changes, you could be left with awkward fake hair lines that stand out worse than a bald spot.