3 Simple Methods to Prevent Hair Loss

methods to prevent hair loss

We all shed about 100 strands of hair each day. It’s a natural process and is nothing to worry about. But when we start losing more hair than that, there’s very little we can do about it. Luckily, there are methods to prevent hair loss before it becomes a problem. Follow these three simple tips to keep your hair strong and healthy for a long time.

1. Don’t Brush Wet Hair

Your hair is much more sensitive when wet than it is when it’s dry. Using a thick brush to untangle it after washing is never a good idea. Not only can you damage your hair’s cuticles, but you can also pull out strands that are perfectly healthy.
If you still need to use a comb, find one with wide gaps between the teeth. Furthermore, whenever possible, use your fingers rather than a comb to untangle strands.

2. Protect Your Hair from Sweat

Warm weather will often cause sweating, which in turn results in dandruff. One of the proven methods to prevent hair loss from excessive sweating is to use a shampoo with a cooling effect. It fights dandruff and helps to reduce the negative effects of sweating.

Also, wearing a hat for hours each day will result in sweating. To allow your skin to breathe and to prevent reduced hair growth, wear a headband underneath your hat. The material will absorb the excess sweat from your hair and keep it in good shape.

3. Use Mild Shampoo to Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair on a regular basis is one of the key methods to prevent hair loss. It keeps your hair clean and reduces the risk of scalp infection. What’s more, when your hair is clean, it will look more voluminous than it does when it’s greasy.

For everyday hair care, make sure you choose mild shampoos. They don’t contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hair if used too often. Most of them also contain natural ingredients that make your hair shiny and your scalp clean and healthy.