3 Things That Are Making You Bald That You’d Never Suspect

You know that certain foods can contribute to hair loss, and that some daily habits (like excessive shampooing) can also lead to thinning and breakage. But there are several common things you might do on a regular basis that you’d never suspect could be the reason you’re losing hair. Quit these habits today and let your hair naturally return a fuller, healthier state.

1. Steamy Showers

It might be your favorite way of unwinding, but a long steamy shower could spell trouble. All that steam and heat pulls moisture out of your hair and over time will cause your hair to break, thin and fall out. Plus, hot steam showers does the same thing to your skin and can lead to dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles (plus a dryer scalp, which can contribute to dandruff and perhaps even more hair loss).

2. Crash Diets

Trying to slim down before a best friend’s wedding or a beach vacation? Crash diets, which require a quick and sudden drop in calories, can help you to successfully lose the weight. It can also cause you to successfully lose hair. The stress caused by a sudden change in your metabolism and calories can make your body shut down your hair follicles. Don’t be surprised if you see your hair coming out in big chunks!

3. Birth Control Pills

If you’re a woman worried about hair loss, talk to your doctor about your birth control pills if you’re using any. The hormones in oral birth control can cause fluctuating hormone levels that make your hair thin or fall out. Your doctor may recommend a low-androgen index birth control pill instead.