3 Types of Hair Loss Products That Work

hair loss products that work

There are many products out there that promise to help stop hair loss. But as many men will tell you, only few of them show any results. Sadly, some men give up on hair loss treatment as soon as one product fails to deliver. Don’t make the same mistake. Here are the three types of hair loss products that work and can stop your hair from falling out.

1. Hair-Thickening Shampoos

Shampoos certainly belong on this short list of hair loss products that work. Like any other product, they are also subject to false advertising. If you’re losing hair, you should never go for the shampoo and conditioner combos. Even after you wash off the shampoo, the conditioner stays on your scalp for some time. As such, your hair is in direct contact with certain chemicals that can damage it.
Always choose shampoos that don’t contain the conditioner component. Moreover, make sure they have some active ingredients that are sure to boost hair growth. These include zinc, amino acids, copper, and ketoconazole.

2. Vitamin B Supplements

Although not usually advertised as such, vitamin supplements are also among the hair loss products that work. This is especially true of products that contain vitamins B6, B92, and B12. These three vitamins help increase the number of red blood cells in your body. They improve the flow of oxygen to your scalp and stimulate hair growth as a result.

But even if you don’t have hair loss problems, you should still consider adding vitamin B supplements to your diet. This vitamin does wonders for your skin and bones, and may also alleviate stress and anxiety. Some doctors even prescribe it to patients suffering from mild depression.

3. Hair Growth Pills

If you’ve exhausted all other options and failed to stop hair loss, you can try one of the many meds available out there. But keep in mind that most of these drugs don’t work. What’s more, taking untested pills can harm your body and cause damage to internal organs.

Choose those that contain enzymes that eliminate DHT and stimulate hair growth. But whatever you do, don’t start taking them on your own. Always consult with your doctor first. In fact, the best hair loss drugs are prescription-only, which means that only your doctor can give them to you.