3 Unique Ways Women Can Hide Hair Loss

women can hide hairloss

Hair loss can do a lot to disrupt women’s lives. Women are often judged harshly based on their appearance, and lost or thinning hair can both be extremely damaging to a woman’s sense of self and confidence. Although there are only a few ways to combat hair loss—none of them guaranteed—there are several ways to create the illusion of fuller hair.

#1. Scarves

Head and hair scarves are both wonderful in keeping hair loss under wraps. You may cover your hair up entirely, leaving only your forehead and neck visible, or you may use a scarf as a headband and cover any particularly noticeable patches of visible skin.

Scarves vary in texture, color, and size. A wide array of textures, sizes, and colors can give you as much styling ability as if your hair had never begun to fall out, and can be a fun, simple way to feel as though you’re styling your hair each morning.

#2. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is typically used to stretch out time between shampooing your hair. In addition to this function, however, dry shampoo can actually make the root and shaft of hair appear thicker and give hair greater volume, which can help thinning hair appear more lustrous. Some dry shampoo options can further irritate already-damaged hair follicles, so avoiding caustic or otherwise troublesome ingredients is a must.

To make hair appear fuller, try to avoid any dry shampoo that contains a large amount of chemicals or fragrances. You can even opt for at-home dry shampoo options, such as cornstarch or cocoa powder.

#3. Hair Coloring

Coloring your hair a certain way can create the appearance of fuller hair, regardless of length or texture. The manner in which you color will depend on your hair’s density and color, but adding highlights and lowlights can create dimension that may not otherwise exist. Adding dimension adds depth to hair that may easily be lost when hair begins to fall out or thin.

To color your hair in such a way, talk to your stylist about your specific needs. If you are simply looking for volume, you may benefit from a color and a cut. If you are looking for volume and ease in styling at home, a blowout may be an option for you.

Whether you opt for a full head covering or a simple optical illusion, losing your hair does not have to mean the end of personal beauty treatments. Using hair color, products, and adornments, you may not only boost you confidence, but also the appearance of dull, thinning, or balding hair.

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