3 Weird Snacks That Make Your Hair Thicker and Healthier

These snacks will make you raise an eyebrow quizzically, but they are proven ways to enrich your scalp’s health, nourish every hair follicle and keep your head of hair looking healthy and thick. The next time you’re searching for a snack, grab one of these hair-friendly foods. Every bite will get you closer to maintaining a full head of envious hair.


1. Marmite

Marmite was invented in the 1800s and quickly took the British culinary world by storm. Today, Brits still love this very flavorful snack as a spread on biscuits or paired with cheese. It’s made from brewer’s yeast, and a tiny dab of it has nearly a quarter of your recommended daily allowance of folic acid. Folic acid is a powerful nutrient that keeps your hair growing thick and full.

2. Spirulina

It smells like seafood, but this plant-based powder can now be found in many health snacks ranging from power bars to smoothies and shakes. Spirulina is a type of algae in the ocean, and the powder you can find in health food stores is rich in copper. Copper supplements are often used to combat balding and hair thinning, but why take a mineral pill when you can enjoy this antioxidant-rich seaweed snack.

3. Nuts and Seeds

Reach for a bag of mixed nuts, and you’ll get anything but mixed results. Some of your most favorite snacks are high in plant compounds and vitamins that can keep balding at bay. For example, cashews are high in biotin and essential fats. Biotin helps hair grow fuller, and it also keeps your scalp’s skin hydrated and soft so your hair follicles’ health are fully supported. Walnuts are high in elastin, which maintain the strength and spring in your skin and hair. And pistachios are often used to prevent male pattern baldness.