4 Beginner Tips for Cutting Your Own Hair

tips for cutting your own hair

Doing your hair may seem like a good idea, especially if you’re just going for a simple trim. However, before you decide to save money and become your own hair stylist, there are some things you should learn to avoid making a terrible mistake.

Here are some beginner tips for cutting your own hair.

Start Slow

If you’ve never cut your own hair before, you don’t want to be too ambitious. You might think that a couple of YouTube tutorials and an article are all you need to become a master hairdresser, but that is far from the truth. Instead of trying for a stylish haircut, just cut off around half an inch or a whole inch if you want to go a bit shorter.

Get the Right Tools

Before even thinking about doing this, you need to have the right equipment. Get a fine-tooth comb and a sharp, quality pair of scissors. Regular home scissors won’t give you enough control, and they can even contribute to split ends.

Go Slowly with Bangs

Remember, you can’t undo a cut. So, take your time with the bangs and don’t cut in a straight line, or you’ll end up looking like a teenage boy. Rather cut into them and go for a wispy look that is much easier to achieve.

Know When to Quit

If you’re not sure you can pull this off after a couple of cuts, you might want to quit while you’re ahead. Don’t go against your natural instincts and end up giving yourself a haircut that can’t be fixed.


If you want to be your own stylist, take a look at these tips for cutting your own hair. Remember, take it slow and only do it while you feel comfortable. The moment you start doubting yourself schedule an appointment with your stylist and get your hair done by a professional.