4 Collagen-Boosting Foods with Vitamin C


Collagen is a big part of your hair’s natural structure, reports researchers. Your body needs lots of vitamin C to help produce collagen. Thus, this vitamin is key for ensuring you fight off hair loss and grow thicker, more abundant locks.

If you want healthier hair and want to reduce your risks of balding or thinning, try one or more of these five foods that are incredibly high in collagen-enhancing vitamin C.

1. Bell Peppers

The bell pepper’s color is important. A single yellow bell pepper gets you an insane 569% of your daily requirements of vitamin C. If you instead opt for red bell peppers, you’ll get 349% of your daily requirements. Green bell peppers are the worst choice at 220% of your daily requirements.

2. Guavas

This tropical fruit tastes like a Hawaiian vacation. Just one fruit gets you double your daily requirements of vitamin C to keep your collagen levels high. The pink fruit is perfect on its own, or juiced and added to a smoothie.

3. Kale

Kale is all the rage these days, and for right reasons. Just one cup of kale gets you more than 130% of your daily requirements of vitamin C. Don’t have access to kale or can’t handle its taste or texture? Other leafy greens are great options. For example, Swiss chard gets you almost 20% of your vitamin C needs while the green tops on turnips gets you more than 50% of your daily needs of vitamin C.

4. Kiwi

Kiwis aren’t just for New Zealanders. If you want stronger hair strands thanks to greater amounts of collagen, reach for a kiwi fruit. One of these tiny hair fruits gets you more than a day’s worth of vitamin C. Slice up the fruit and enjoy fresh, or peel it, freeze it and use it as an ice cube that adds nutrients, flavor and natural sweetness to your water.