4 Essential Hair Care Tips for Men of All Ages

hair care tips for men

Hair care may not be a traditionally male issue, but there is no doubt that taking care of your hair can do wonders for your appearance. It can also help you preserve your hair health and fight certain hair loss conditions.

Here are some essential hair care tips for men.

Shampoo Less Often

Something we seem to be hearing a lot in the past couple of years is that using too much shampoo isn’t healthy for your hair. And, while it is important to use shampoo to prevent dandruff, shampoo can strip your scalp of protective oils and cause damage. Depending on your hair type, you should be fine shampooing two to three times a week.

Avoid Sulfate

The compound that robs your hair of its natural oils is sulfate – a chemical that is often labeled as sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. This substance makes the shampoo sudsy, but it can also leave your hair brittle and dry.

Use a Conditioner

One of the best hair care tips for men is also something that men don’t do nearly often enough – conditioning. Hair conditioners keep your hair moisturized and can be particularly helpful if you have curly hair.

Choose Products Carefully

Depending on your hair type you will need a different shampoo. Make sure you choose the shampoo that suits your hair type and only wash your hair with shampoo more than three times a week if you have very oily hair.


Why should women be the only ones who take care of their hair? Try some of these hair care tips for men and make sure you have a healthy head of hair that looks and feels as good as possible.