4 Foods for Stronger Hair and Healthier Scalp

As your scalp ages and your hair thins, the first remedy you might turn to is prescription drugs and creams. But there are three powerful remedies available to you right now, no doctors required: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Several specific foods can help rejuvenate your body, grow healthier and thicker hair, and push pause on hair loss.

#1. Citrus Fruits

To turn your dietary protein into the amino acids and compounds your body uses to rebuild and repair hair, try citrus fruits. They’re high in vitamin C, which helps with protein metabolism and can help you to create thicker, stronger hair that’s less prone to breakage, fallout and thinning. Other foods high in vitamin C include bell peppers and strawberries.

#2. Almonds

Few foods are as high in vitamin E as almonds. Vitamin E helps combat brittle, thinning hair. And for your existing hair, it can help to keep your locks soft and glossy. Plus, almonds are also high in protein and fiber to keep your overall health vibrant.

#3. Shellfish

A lot of men and women start to notice hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies. One common nutritional problem related to hair loss is low levels of iron. Shellfish like oysters and clams are one of the best foods that are high in iron. Other foods to consider include red meat and beans.

#4. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are one of the highest dietary sources of copper. This essential mineral helps your hair stay thick and healthy and also combats loss of color. If your hair is thinning and you’re going gray, it may be due to copper. Besides sunflower seeds, other foods high in copper include beef liver, lentils and dark chocolate.