4 Foods to Avoid If You Don’t Want to Go Bald

Stop, drop and avoid that sushi roll! Not only is it important to give your body the foods it needs to keep every hair follicle in tip-top shape, but it’s equally as important to avoid foods that zap your scalp health. The following four foods are common in the standard American diet (S.A.D. diet) yet can wreak havoc on your hair and lead to a thinning mane.


#1. Tuna

Tuna, which is one of the biggest predatory fish in the ocean, eats other fish and accumulates a lot of mercury in its body. When you eat tuna, you ingest this toxin. Too much mercury causes hair thinning and even complete hair loss. Try and limit your intake of big fish, such as tuna and swordfish.

#2. Aspartame

When you reach for that diet soda to lose weight, you’re putting your scalp on a diet and can lose hair. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame may be linked to cell death and loss of hair. If you’re worried about your scalp health and hair health, limit your intake of artificial sweeteners.

#3. Refined Starches and Grains

Refined starches and grains does two things. One, it robs you of the biotin found in the whole grains. Biotin is key for thicker, healthier hair. Second, refined grains and refined starches cause a spike in blood sugar, and elevated blood sugar can lead to chronic inflammation that can reduce scalp health and kill off hair follicles.

#4. Excessive Alcohol

Alcohol prevents your body from absorbing many key nutrients. For example, it can affect how your body metabolizes and absorbs protein, which is essential for repairing your scalp. Alcohol also makes you dehydrated, which can manifest itself as dull, brittle and breaking hair. Finally, alcohol can prevent your body from using zinc, an essential nutrient for growing more hair.