4 Strange Side Effects of Hair Loss

Hair loss is often an elephant in the room. Many people who are experiencing hair loss are eager to avoid the topic, and people who may have loved ones experiencing hair loss often aren’t sure what to say. Losing hair is not enjoyable for anyone, regardless of age or background. Some hair loss doesn’t stop there, however, and comes with its own unique set of side effects.

#1. Anxiety

Although hair loss can cause issues with self-confidence in both men and women, losing your hair isn’t always as simple as a small downturn in your confidence level. Losing hair can actually result in anxiety. Some anxiety is centered on the hair loss itself—and may include panicked feelings and questions such as “Will I lose more?” “How much will I lose?” and more—or may center more on social interactions and how people will view you once you’re lost most (or all) of your hair.

Unfortunately, anxiety can also contribute to further thinning of your hair. A vicious cycle can develop, wherein hair loss makes anxiety levels spike, and increased anxiety levels damage your body’s ability to properly grow and maintain hair.

#2. Sunburn

Hair acts as a fairly safe source of sun protection for your scalp. If, however, your hair is beginning to thin, you may need to start placing SPF on your head. This is particularly true of men who have a single bald spot, as too many rays from the sun can lead to skin cancer, dry skin, and even scaly patches on your scalp.

When choosing a sunscreen, opt for one that is intended for use on the face and neck. Clogging your pores with a heavy cream can further exacerbate your hair loss and create an even greater need for sunscreen.

#3. Increased Dandruff

As your hair thins, your body’s production of sebum follows suit. In many cases, the appropriate amount of oil is distributed along the scalp according to how much hair is present, but in some cases, sebum production dries up at a rate far faster than hair loss, creating dry, itchy patches.

These patches can be problematic; the more you scratch your scalp, the greater your likelihood of losing hair is. If you find yourself battling scaly patches or heavy dandruff, consider using a more nourishing conditioner or conditioning treatment, and avoid scratching as often as possible.

#4. Increased Shedding

Even if your hair growth has simply slowed, hair loss can cause a drastic upswing in shedding. In some cases, pulling out handfuls of hair is a cause for concern and warrants a visit to the doctor. In others, however, an increasing rate of shedding is simply a byproduct of your hair’s thinning-out process and is not cause for alarm.

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