4 Things You Need to Know When Dealing with Dandruff

dealing with dandruff

Dealing with dandruff is often very unpleasant. Certain products and natural remedies will usually help you solve this problem. But what’s causing the issue and what can you do to prevent your scalp from becoming flaky and itchy again? Here are the four things you need to know when dealing with dandruff.

1. You Should Use the Right Shampoo

The first thing you need to do when dealing with dandruff is to find the right shampoo. Dandruff is usually caused by fungi, but bacteria can also affect the scalp. As such, you need a shampoo that has both antifungal and antibacterial properties. If dandruff persists, your doctor may also prescribe a medicinal shampoo.

2. Scratching Will Only Make Things Worse

Because dandruff causes itchiness, you may feel a strong urge to scratch your scalp. But you shouldn’t, as it can only make things worse. For one, your skin is already very sensitive and even gentle scratching can damage it. Scratching can also cause more irritation and thus lead to an infection of the scalp.

3. You Need to Keep Your Scalp Moisturized

Dandruff is more common in people who have a dry scalp. As a rule, the dry skin dandruff is smaller in size, but it still causes an itch. To get rid of it, you need to keep your hair moisturized, but your regular shampoo might help you achieve that. Instead, you should opt for natural remedies like coconut oil. Not only will it keep your scalp moisturized but it will also protect it against bacteria.

4. Stress Is Not Your Hair’s Friend

Did you know that stress can make your dandruff worse than it already is? Stress compromises your immune system, which allows some fungi to thrive in your body. Malassezia is one such fungus. It is also among the more common causes of dandruff. To fight dandruff and prevent it from reoccurring, it is thus also important to find ways to cope with stress.