4 Ways How Chronic Stress Can Hamper Your Hair Health

how chronic stress prevents healthy hair growth

Modern life comes with all sorts of stresses. Trying to juggle your family, social, and work life leads to a lot of pressure. The stress that comes from this can cause mental health problems and may even trigger diseases.

Moreover, stress has an effect on your hair. This is how chronic stress prevents healthy hair growth.

1. It Causes Shedding

Telogen effluvium is a non-hereditary condition that requires a trigger to activate. It can lead to you shedding at least 30% of your hair, though many with the condition experience greater hair loss.

It occurs when your body experiences some sort of shock. Typically, this shock is associated with a stressor. As a result, many of those under intense stress, either physically or mentally, struggle with the condition.

2. Your Hair Takes More Time to Grow

Have you ever tried to grow your hair out for a new style, only to give up because you’re sick of waiting?

This may not be a genetic problem. Stress may be the cause of your slow hair growth. Stress often leads to emotional eating, which causes nutritional deficiencies. Poor nutrition can slow down the growth of your hair.

3. You Pull it Out Yourself

Pulling out your own hair when you’re upset may seem like a cartoon cliché. But it’s an actual medical condition that affects about 1% of people.

Those with the condition tend to yank out their own hair, often in response to things that cause them stress.

4. Your Hairline Gets Higher

Stress may cause you to go for an easy hairstyle, such as a tight ponytail. But such styles place more stress on your hairline.

Go for something loss and you won’t damage valuable hair follicles at the front of your head.

The Final Word

There are several ways how chronic stress prevents healthy hair growth.

The best way to avoid them it to take steps to deal with the stress in your life.