5 Expert Tips to Make Your Hair Look Younger

make your hair look younger

Dry, flat, and gray hair doesn’t only look unappealing – it also looks old. Do you want to make your hair look younger? Follow these five expert tips to revitalize your hair at any age.

1. Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage

Prolonged exposure to the sun can damage your skin, as well as your hair. This can make your hair dry and frizzy, change its color, and cause split ends. To prevent sun damage, wear a hat or a headscarf whenever you go out in the sunny weather. Alternatively, you can apply hair styling products with sun protection.

2. Find the Style That Fits You Best

You can sometimes also blame your outdated hairstyle for your hair’s unflattering appearance. To make your hair look younger, you might want to try a new style. Experts recommend short bobs, as well as experimenting with layers and light bangs.

3. Try Biotin Supplements

Biotin belongs to the vitamin B family and is essential for healthy hair growth. Without it, your hair might become noticeably thinner. But several studies have found that taking biotin supplements could help prevent this.

4. Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp every now and then will ensure a proper blood flow to your scalp. That way, you can stimulate the follicles to grow healthy new hair. What’s more, if you add essential oils to the mix, this method could also help you get rid of dandruff.

5. Watch What You Eat

The foods you eat can also help make your hair look younger. Experts recommend a varied, well-balanced diet full of healthy, nutrient-rich foods. Popular choices include avocados, leafy greens, nuts, and berries.