5 Factors That Can Interrupt the Normal Hair Growth Cycle

interrupting our normal hair growth

Our hair growth cycle is not something to be taken lightly. If not left to do its own thing uninterrupted, it could leave us bald. For many people, the idea of going bald is an absolute nightmare.

Sometimes it can be tricky to stop things from interrupting our normal hair growth though, because some things can influence it. Read on to discover a few of the most common interruptions.


If you’ve noticed some thinning or a receding hair line, hormones could be to blame. A sudden shift in hormones is enough to mess up the cycle. The androgens behind estrogen, melatonin and growth hormones are particularly important, which is why pregnant women experience hair loss.


It may take weeks or months to notice, but medications could be disrupting the growth of your hair. Things such as antidepressants or oral contraception may trigger it especially. The good news though is that this form of hair loss is not usually permanent.


The overall environment that we are in could be interrupting our normal hair growth. That’s because a massive change in environment could shock our hair follicles, which halts hair production. Think of environmental changes such as exposure to chemicals or even extreme temperatures.

Underlying Conditions

Many things could interfere with the cycle, but if you’ve investigated some options and come up with nothing – it may be time to visit a doctor. It could be that an underlying condition is causing issues for you, in which case your doctor can advise treatment.


Your hair needs nutrition to thrive. If you’re following a diet, particularly an extreme one, it’s likely you’re depriving your body of something. Just make sure you aren’t depriving it of the important nutrients, like the ones we need to ensure our hair growth cycle remains intact.

In Conclusion

In many cases, hair is tied to confidence levels. The idea that something is interrupting our normal hair growth could be enough to terrify some people. With the right research though, you can learn how to avoid those factors.