5 Secrets to a Perfect Do-It-Yourself Scalp Massage

scalp massage tips

Sitting in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed and a professional gently massaging your scalp is arguably the best part of any visit to your hairstylist. However, you can’t get your hair done every couple of days, so it could be useful to learn how you can do this on your own. Here are some useful scalp massage tips.

Start With Oil

Before you even start washing your hair, treating it with oil could be a good idea. By doing this, you can remove grease before you step into the shower. This will prevent you from rubbing too hard and potentially damaging your hair. Not to mention that certain oils could be beneficial for hair health.

Scrub Thoroughly

One of the reasons why it’s so pleasing to have your hair washed by someone else is because they can see your head better. That helps them rub your entire head and don’t miss a single spot. Keep this in mind and try to reach all spots when shampooing your own hair.

Don’t Use Your Nails

One of the best scalp massage tips is to avoid using your nails while rubbing your scalp. It may be tempting to give yourself a good scratch while shampooing, but this may actually cause damage to your scalp. Scrub your scalp with your finger pads instead.

Take Care of Your Hairline

Not only does it help you get cleaner, but rubbing your scalp could be very relaxing and help you relieve stress. Be careful though – rubbing too hard can cause damage to your hair and the scalp is usually the first part of the head that gets affected by traction alopecia.

Use Conditioner

If you have fine hair, massaging while shampooing may cause damage to your strands. Instead, start massaging your hair only after you’ve applied the conditioner and made your hair more manageable.


So, there you go – our best scalp massage tips. Apply any of these and start giving yourself professional scalp massages at home.