5 Tips on Inspecting Your Brush for Signs of Hair Loss

check your brush for hair loss

Detecting your hair loss problem at its inception could be crucial for the success of your treatment. There are a couple of early signs of hair loss and seeing that your brush is full of hair is certainly one of them. However, not all hairy brushes are a sign of hair loss.

Here’s how you can check your brush for hair loss.

Use Your Own Brush

If you don’t live alone, make sure you have a hairbrush nobody uses but you. That way, you’ll always know that the hair on the brush belongs to you, so you’ll be able to monitor the situation and compare your hair loss each day.

Clean Your Brush Every Day

To check your brush for hair loss properly, it’s very important to thoroughly clean it every day. Before you go to sleep, remove old hair from the brush and put it aside.


Compare the amounts of hair you find on the brush every day. If it’s not increasing, you may be okay. After all, some hair loss is completely normal – an average person will lose up to 100 hairs in a single day. However, if it’s increasing it could be a sign of a kind of alopecia.


How long has this problem been present? If it’s been only a couple of weeks, it could be a type of temporary hair loss, or hair shedding. If it’s lasting for months, you might have reasons for concern.

Visit Your Doctor

The best way to really know if you’re experiencing hair loss is to visit your doctor. He or she will do all necessary tests to determine whether you have a type of alopecia and what could be causing it.


This is how you check your brush for hair loss. Remember, some hair loss is normal. So, if you notice a small amount of hair on your brush every day, that doesn’t have to be a reason for concern.