5 Tips to Protect Your Hair When Swimming

protect your hair when swimming

Swimming can be perfect for both health and relaxation. Unfortunately, it can wreak havoc on your hair. From changing its color to turning it brittle, some of the consequences can be quite nasty.

Rather than miss out on any aquatic fun though, learn how to prevent it. Read on to learn a few effective ways to protect your hair when swimming.

Wet It First

Your hair is absorbent, but it can only absorb so much before it’s essentially full. If you are getting straight into a pool, you don’t want the chlorine to be what it absorbs. Protect your hair when swimming by wetting it before you get in.

If you wet your hair with simple, clean water before you get in a pool, it’s less likely to absorb the chemical-filled water that you’ll be swimming in.

Swim, Rinse, Repeat

One of the best ways to protect your hair when swimming actually occurs after you’re done. As soon as you exit the pool, get yourself into a shower. You can then rinse out the chlorine with your shampoo and stop it from doing too much damage.

Condition Beforehand

Try spreading conditioner through your hair before you get in the water. This helps to protect your hair when swimming because it creates a barrier around the strands of hair.

This barrier can stop chlorine from getting into the hair and prevent it from breaking.

Invest in Swimming Caps

Using a swimming cap to protect your hair when swimming is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t make the mistake of getting the wrong one though. Buy a cap that is actually going to be resistant to water fits your head.

Treat It Afterwards

You may have already been doing one of the above options, but if you really want to protect your hair when swimming, get in the habit of treating it afterward. A banana and honey hair mask will nourish your hair, as will using a mayonnaise, or egg and olive oil hair pack.