5 Ways to Prevent Your Hair from Breaking

avoid hair breakage

Whether it’s manual, chemical or physical hair breakage, it happens to everyone. Rather than tearing out the healthy hair, you have left, read on to learn some helpful tips to avoid hair breakage.

Understand the Cause

Take note of when it occurs, such as while using a curling iron or after dying it. If you’re someone who does their hair mindlessly, this may require more work than normal. It’s worth it though. Once you’ve figured it out, you can avoid hair breakage by avoiding that activity.

Know Your Hair

Hairdressers may look at hair all day, but they don’t look at your hair all day, so don’t trust them unquestioningly. Your hair may react to certain weather differently to others. You may have had a bad experience with certain products. Things like this can contribute to hair breakage, which is why it’s important that you take the time to know your own hair.

Know When to Cut It

The thought of cutting your hair when you’re focused so much on growing it can be less than ideal. While it is a myth that cutting it helps it grow quicker, it’s not a myth that trimming off dead ends helps you avoid hair breakage. If it’s split, you don’t want that damage to travel up the strand of hair so it’s best to get rid of it.

Conditioning is Key

All the beauty bloggers of the word who praise deep conditioning are on to something. By applying conditioner to your hair regularly, you fortify and give it a chance to lock in moisture and protein. Having extra moisture in your hair is key if you want to avoid hair breakage.

Spoil Your Ends

The ends of your hair need the most attention, so spoil them when you can. They’re the oldest parts of your hair, and they also cop the most damage. Try to repair as much of this damage as possible with moisturizer, and you can also use the same method to try and prevent the damage in the first place.