8 Tips to Make Hair Thicker

Thick hair can be an asset for your image to look great. With that, for those who want to attain thick hair, I’ve prepared the tips to make them thicker below. Read them and apply and wait for the magical result.

Tips to Make Hair Thicker

1. To thicken your hair, you must always wash your hair so it can maintain its moisture. Do not wash your hair with warm water. Instead, wash them with cold water.

2. Massage your scalp. Don’t just rub it, but massage in the way you would massage other parts of your body. The massage on your scalp can result in thicker and stronger hair. As proof, some barbershops and salons massage their customer’s scalp to thicken their hair.

3. For thicker hair, you need to eat a lot of food that contains vitamin A and vitamin D.

4. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. They contain a lot of vitamin B6, zinc, and magnesium which are essential to provide strength to your hair. Stronger hair results to thicker hair.

5. Make exercising one a day or three times a week a habit. Exercise will lessen stress and increase blood flow in the body. Your hair will thicken when you have less pressure or stress. Proper blood flow also helps your hair to become healthier and grow thicker.

6. Another tip for thicker hair is to decrease drinking drinks that contain caffeine and increase the intake of plain water and fruit juice.

7. Use beauty products that help thicken your hair.

8. Avoid using shampoos that contain too many chemicals. Chemicals, as we know, can affect your hair.

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