A Homemade Hair Mask to Keep Hair Thick

A hair mask is like conditioner, but more intensive and more deeply penetrating. The result is not just softer hair, but hair that’s visibly healthier and less prone to damage, breakage, and thinning. While you can buy many over-the-counter hair mask products in the grocery store or beauty salon, try mother nature’s own recipes. This homemade hair mask treatment can be mixed up with readily available oils from the health food store, and will restore your scalp’s health while making your hair the shiniest, thickest you’ve ever seen.


1 cup of unrefined coconut oil
1 tablespoon almond oil
1 tablespoon macadamia oil
1 tablespoon jojoba oil

Try to get organic versions of these oils to ensure they’re not contaminated. Mix the ingredients together in an old shampoo bottle or a sealable Mason jar. Store the jar or bottle next to your shower (but not in the shower where it gets heated repeatedly by your shower water).

Once a week, coat your hair with this oil mix. For the best results, do it after shampooing when your hair is damp but not soaking. Massage the oil into your hair and scalp and let it sit for 10 minutes. The essential fatty acids in the hair mask moisturize and rejuvenate your skin to help your scalp produce more hair. Meanwhile, the oils coat and moisturize every strand of hair.

Rinse with warm water and air dry. Over time, you’ll see your hair become thicker, healthier and have commercial-worthy bounce. The effects of the hair mask are cumulative. The longer you use it, the healthier your scalp and hair.

If your hair is feeling exceptionally damaged, try massaging the oil in, wrapping your head with a towel, and letting it soak in overnight. You’ll wake up to the softest hair you’ve ever run your hands through!