Be Bold, Not Bald: How to Prevent Irreversible Hair Loss

Are you worried about the state of your hair? Hair loss is a widespread problem for both men and women, and it can really shake your self-confidence.

Genetics plays a huge role in many forms of hair loss. But even if you have inherited a tendency for it, you shouldn’t lose hope. So this article covers five ways you can prevent irreversible hair loss.

1. Quit Smoking

Research proves that tobacco smoke irritates your follicles and weakens your hair. Additionally, your general health will improve, and your hair will reflect that.

2. Cut Back on Stress

Traumatic events can cause hair loss, and day-to-day worries make it worse too. It isn’t always possible to remove stress from your life, but you can try yoga or some other relaxation methods.

3. Don’t Put Additional Strain on Your Hair

Some hairstyles can put a strain on your follicles. So you should try to avoid keeping your hair tied up all the time, and use curling irons and straightening irons as little as possible. Perms, bleaches and chemical straightening can cause hair loss as well. If you have to use these methods, find a professional to do it.

4. Choose the Right Diet

Eating well can help you prevent irreversible hair loss. Professional nutritionists recommend a balanced diet that is high in zinc and iron. Make sure it also contains all of the essential fatty acids that your body needs. Additionally, a high-protein diet is better for your hair.

5. Check Your Hormone Balance

Increased hair loss can be a sign that you need to consult an endocrinologist. Conditions such as hypothyroidism can make your hair fall out. For women, an excess of male sex hormones can cause problems too. After hormone treatment, your hair will probably regain its health.


If your hair is starting to fall out, consider some lifestyle changes. In many cases, your hair won’t need any additional treatment.