Can Drinking Birch Water Help You Fight Hair Loss?

drinking birch water helps fight hair loss

Birch water is the newest cure-all drink fad. But, this one claims to help hair loss. Is it possible that drinking birch water helps fight hair loss? Or is it all hype?

Why Birch Water?

Birch water was a folk remedy for centuries. People all over Europe, and in Asian countries, believed it had medicinal properties to treat a variety of ailments. And, they also believed that washing your hair with it could strengthen it and prevent hair loss. However, there is little scientific evidence of this being true.

These claims are because birch tree sap has a lot of vitamins and minerals. Most notable is its magnesium, calcium, and manganese content. However, the only way this would actually stop hair loss is if it was due to diet deficiency, to begin with.

Furthermore, the dietary deficiency would have to be very specific. And, one birch water covers in mineral and vitamin content. Otherwise, using or drinking birch water wouldn’t affect hair loss one way or another.

While birch water probably can encourage the hair, you already have to be healthy. It does not actually grow back lost hair. Nor does it stop the underlying conditions that caused hair loss to begin with.

Its high nutrient content may be responsible for healthy hair. But, then again you can also achieve similar results by keeping a healthy and balanced diet.

Hair Loss in Females

One of the reasons there isn’t one cure-all tonic for hair loss is because there are different reasons for it. One can be genetic. Another reason is extreme stress. And, lastly, you could be losing hair because of physical stress to your hair follicles like a tight hairstyle.

Consequently, since there is no “one reason” for hair loss, treatment options depend on the diagnosis.

Final Thoughts

Is it true that drinking birch water helps fight hair loss? No, but it does have other nutritional benefits. However, these benefits that are also on par with normal healthy eating habits.