Can Hair Brushing Cause Hair Loss?

repair perm-damaged hair

Aging process reduces hair thickness, so year after year hair tends to develop a curly undulation. Likewise, the number of hair follicles decreases even in our eyebrows.

Dyes, dryers, chemical treatments and sun exposure, also affects hair health and appearance. In this way, our hair weakens and is more easily exposed to the mechanical force of a brush or an updo, causing the root to yield and developing hair loss due to hair brushing.

How to stop hair brushing damage?


If you have straight hair, it’s not recommended combing just after taking a long shower. During bath time water pressure and heat softened the scalp, and the roots will yield easily to the brush motion. Let your hair dry for a while before you gently style it with a wide-tooth comb.

On the other hand, if you have textured or curly hair, it’s preferable to comb it with your fingers or a wide-tooth brush during product application, right there in the shower, or during after-treatment products applications minutes after leaving the shower. This technique will prevent knots and maintain the natural wavy shape of the hair.

Avoid the ponytails

This hairstyle has a tightness that decreases blood supply to the scalp. Tight hairdos such as buns, ponytails, cornrows and other types of tight braids, should only be used when hair roots are at his peaks of strength through feeding and vitamins intake.


If you are one of those people who comb their hair every day, you will find that this rule to reduce hair loss might be a little bit shocking.

For curly hair, you can choose to comb it with your fingers, a couple of times a week and touch it lightly with the help of a brush or comb.

Excessive brushing

As in that old belief, “combing hair 100 times a day makes it shiny and stronger” actually only generates a greater sebaceous production and greater mechanical tension on the roots causing hair loss.