Can Hair Dyes for Men Cause Hair Loss?

hair dyes and hair loss

While scientists are still working to find out how and why hair loss exactly happens, we do know that it can be caused by several factors like genetics, hormonal imbalance, and stress. Certain hair products have also been linked to hair loss, as some chemicals found in these products may damage our hair. Recently, hair dyes have been under the spotlight for their potentially damaging effects.

So, is there a link between hair dyes and hair loss?

Chemicals in Hair Dyes and Hair Loss

The main reason why the scientific community is looking into hair dyes as a possible reason for hair loss is a compound called lead acetate. Connected to several health conditions like cancer, liver toxicity, and gastrointestinal toxicity, this compound has already been banned in Europe and Canada because of these health concerns.

However, while lead acetate is far from healthy, there is no proof that it’s connected to hair loss. There is a lot of information about its carcinogenic and toxic effects, but none of these have been linked to hair loss.

Petition to Ban Lead Acetate

Since many hair dyes against greying hair have lead acetate listed among their ingredients, a group of citizens decided to start a petition for the FDA to ban this compound from hair dying products. Among these groups are Earthjustice and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).

These groups are worried about the high contents of lead and the fact that people may ignore the advice on the bottle that warns about using the product on the beard, mustache, and eyebrows.


While there doesn’t seem to be a connection between hair dyes and hair loss, there is no doubt that this chemical can be dangerous. Do your best to avoid using these products and let your hair grow old naturally without risking your health.