Can Hair Transplants Give You Migraines?

migraines and hair transplants

Hair transplants have become a popular topic as of late. With a growing number of people experiencing hair loss, hair transplants seem to be an awesome solution for many. There’s no doubt having one could increase the person’s confidence. But what are the side effects?

Often mistakenly associated with the common headache, migraines are quite serious. They can bring on bouts of nausea and vomiting. They also increase your sensitivity to lights or sounds. Recent studies have looked at migraines and hair transplants. Read on to learn more.

Doesn’t Seem Likely

The fact that migraines and hair transplants occur on the same part of the body could be enough reason to think that one might cause the other. Studies would suggest otherwise. The studies from 2011 to 2016 showed evidence that the two are not linked.

The cited study followed up on 150 patients post-transplant and found only one that complained of migraines. From the low correlation in this study, it could easily be argued that the migraine was not related to hair transplant procedure.

Let’s Take It Further

On the other hand, some researchers have attempted to take the study further. They suggested that not only do hair transplants not give you migraines; they may even cure a migraine. The reasoning is that the transplant surgery damages nerve endings and effectively takes away the pain associated with migraines.

In Conclusion

One thing stands out in all of this, and that is when it comes to migraines and hair transplants – more research needs to be done. The two appear to have a link, but it has yet to be proven scientifically.