Can Lupus Cause Hair Loss?

can lupus cause hair loss

If you’re asking the question can lupus cause hair loss, the answer has got to be yes. Though it is unlikely that whole clumps of hair will fall out, people living with lupus do experience hair thinning.

What is Lupus?

Lupus is a systemic autoimmune disease which makes the immune system attack your tissue, including the skin, kidneys, heart, lungs, and brain. Sadly, there is no cure for lupus, although effective treatments to ease the symptoms are available.

In general, people experience lupus occasionally during so-called flare-ups. Symptoms can ease off again after some time, though there is no set pattern for these flare-ups. Doctors believe that infections, certain drugs, or sunlight may induce flare-ups, but each case is different.

Can Lupus Cause Hair Loss?

Because lupus causes widespread skin infections, often on the scalp, it can, indeed, cause hair loss. In general, people find that their hair is thinning rather than losing lots of hair at the same time. In fact, thinning hair can be an early symptom of lupus.

In some instances, lupus forms lesions on the scalp which may damage the hair follicles. Unfortunately, when this happens, the hair loss may be permanent.

Hair loss generally subsides when the patients receive lupus treatment.

What You Can Do if Your Lupus Is Causing Hair Loss

Using the following basic tips, you can tackle your lupus hair loss a little better:

  • Start lupus treatment as soon as possible and follow the instructions carefully
  • Find out if the medication may be causing your hair loss
  • Contact your doctor if you notice rashes or scales on your scalp
  • Avoid stress and get plenty of rest
  • Stay out of the sun
  • Try to avoid exposure to fluorescent or halogen lights

Final Thoughts

So, now you know the answer to can lupus cause hair loss is, unfortunately, yes.