Can Perms Really Damage Your Hair?

perms damage your hair

Are you considering getting a perm? Sure, your hair might look better, and styling will be a lot easier. At the same time, you should keep in mind that the hair stylist will have to use certain chemicals on your hair. This leads us to an important question – do perms damage your hair?

Perms and Hair Damage

Despite what you may have heard, perms don’t necessarily have to damage your hair. It depends on several factors, including the quality of the treatment itself.

According to experts, you should never try do-it-yourself perms as they can be very bad for your hair. Instead, you should find a good hair stylist and let the professionals do their work. Sure, it’s much cheaper when you do it at home, but it’s also the only way to keep your hair and your scalp safe.

But whether perms damage your hair will also depend on the condition your hair is in. As a rule, if you already have damaged hair, you shouldn’t even consider getting a perm. That’s because the chemicals will still reach the hair cuticles during treatment. If your hair is dry and brittle going in, getting a perm can thus only make things worse.

What Else You Need to Know

After you get a perm, a good stylist will warn you not to dye your hair or use any other chemicals for at least a month. Not only that but they’ll also ask you if you’ve dyed your hair in the previous month. If so, they’ll advise you to wait a few more weeks before you get a perm.

That’s because your hair can only take so much chemical exposure without getting damaged. You need to give it at least a few weeks to rest and recover following each treatment. Otherwise, not only will perms damage your hair but the damage may be permanent.