Can You Reverse Hair Loss?

It’s a common question that those who suffer from hair loss consider all the time. If you are somebody who has noticed a definite change in your hair or find a definite balding pattern, then you may wonder if this is your destiny. You want to be careful about how you approach this so that you don’t cause more harm. Therefore it’s up to you to be your own best advocate. If you start to notice any hair loss at all then you want to take proactive measures.

Even if the hair loss is subtle it’s important to take note of this. You want to do your part to start to see patterns or unusual elements. If you start to lose hair around a certain time period then that’s something to take note of and record. If you start to lose hair at a rapid rate or if the hair loss becomes worse then you want to be in control of that as well. The more that you notice this and stay in tune to the hair loss, the better off it will be for you in the long run.

So can you actually reverse hair loss? You can start to heal the hair follicles so to speak. You can turn to natural remedies or even a mask for the hair as a way of treating the problem. You want to be sure that you start with the natural remedies such as coconut oil or the supplement saw palmetto because they can often heal without any harmful side effects. If you have to go to medication that’s fine, but start slowly and see how this works for you.

Another thing to consider is what may be leading to the hair loss in the first place. If it’s hormonal or if it’s due to stress or some other unhealthy habit, then work to fix that problem. You may very well find that if you learn to manage your stress or balance out your hormones, then that takes care of the problem. The hair loss may lessen or stop altogether which is of course an ideal scenario.

You may not be able to reverse the hair loss per se, but you can certainly learn how to get it under control. You can do your part to stay ahead of the hair loss and try to work through it. You may be able to slow it down or calm it and that’s the best case scenario. If you notice changes then take note of them, try a natural remedy, and then head into the doctor if necessary. That’s how you work through hair loss and make it a thing of the past!