Can You Stimulate Hair Growth by Improving Your Metabolism?

stimulate hair growth by improving your metabolism

You may know that your metabolism helps you convert food into energy. But, it may do more than that. You may be able to stimulate hair growth by improving your metabolism.

Scientists found that as we age, the energy required to grow hair also slows down. The energy comes from your metabolism. This, in turn, can cause age-related hair loss.

Other studies have also found evidence of age-related decreased collagen to blame for thinning hair. And, an additional study found that the older adult participants’ hair follicles were smaller than their younger counterparts.

Unfortunately, all these studies show data for possible causes. But, no significant causes for hair loss in older people were identified yet. While it’s true that older adults are more likely to experience hair loss, that may have more to do with genetic predisposition then anyone body function, or failure.

The risk of pattern hair loss increases every year. So, it is entirely likely that by the time you are elderly that risk pans out to a surety. Especially since older adults have a 50/50 chance of keeping their full head of hair.

Consequently, the only real treatments currently available are topical creams and shampoos. Many hair loss treatments include medicines that stabilize shedding. They also promote hair growth and eventually prevent baldness if you use it all the time.

Finally, if metabolism does play a part in hair loss, creams to promote the metabolism may also be introduced to stimulate hair growth. However, it is still too soon to tell if this is in the future of hair loss treatments.

Final Thoughts

The research looks promising to stimulate hair growth by improving your metabolism. But, it is still not at a stage where a viable treatment will be available anytime soon. Until that time comes, you will have to make do with the current shampoos and creams available on the market.