Common Causes For Hair Loss


You never expect that it’s going to happen to you until you notice it firsthand. Hair loss can be a frustrating and challenging condition to overcome. You might not realize just how common it is to lose hair. More than that, you might not be aware of some of the most common causes for hair loss.

It may be that genetics play into this condition, but that’s not the only cause. Sure you want to look at your parents and their parents to see what their hair may have looked like as they aged. Male pattern baldness or even female pattern baldness is very possible and common. This may provide you with your explanation, but it may actually go further than that too.

If you understand what the most common causes for hair loss may be then you may be able to stay ahead of it. Though some of these conditions are easier to manage than others, awareness most certainly will work in your favor. Here are some real reasons why you may be suffering from hair loss at any level.

#1 Stress

Stress can do so many things to your health, none of which are good. Your body isn’t sure how to cope with what you are throwing at it. When you are under stress the body goes into survival mode and this can bring about a lot of symptoms and side effects.

Hair loss is a very common one because the stress is too much for your body to handle. Learning to manage your stress proactively can help with hair loss and other health conditions too.

#2 Improper Diet

Yes if you are deficient in certain nutrients, the body can respond unfavorably. When you don’t eat enough protein, this can lead to hair loss. So too can not eating enough Vitamin A or having a diet that is not balanced.

If you are experiencing hair loss then one of the first things to look at is your diet. If you are eating too much junk and not enough nutrients, then making the change to a healthier diet might make a big difference.

#3 Hormonal Imbalance

Some women experience hair loss when they are pregnant and their hormones are constantly changing. Some men and women experience it when they are going through significant hormonal changes.

It may come at a point in your life like menopause or when you are imbalanced due to stress other factors. Learning what causes your hormones to become imbalanced and then trying to stay ahead of it can be a great way to combat the hair loss.