Could Adding Oil to Your Salad Improve Your Hair Health?

soybean oil and hair health

Like all other parts of the body, our hair is much affected by vitamin and mineral intake. For example, telogen effluvium is strongly connected with a sudden decrease in weight and decreased protein intake. So, what can you do to make sure your diet doesn’t contribute to hair loss? As it turns out, adding a few tablespoons of soybean oil may be enough.

So, what is the link between soybean oil and hair health?

Nutrients for Hair Health

To understand the connection between soybean oil and hair health, we need to go over some nutrients that contribute to healthy, strong hair.

Soybean Oil and Hair Health

But, what does this have to do with soybean oil?

A study by the Iowa State University found that adding a couple of teaspoons of soybean oil to a salad can increase the bioavailability of certain micronutrients, including some the nutrients we mentioned above. The study also found that the best nutrient absorption happens at around 32g of oil, which complies with dietary recommendations of two tablespoons of oil per day.

Final Word

Although it’s still early to make a definite conclusion, it seems that there could be a connection between soybean oil and hair health. More than that, soybean oil can help you get more nutrients from a healthy salad. So, if you want to improve your overall health as well as your hair health, you might want to try adding a dash of soybean oil to your salad.