Could Shower Temperature Cause Hair Loss?

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Sometimes, because of haste or habit, we make small mistakes in hair care that, over time, result in unexpected problems that can take years to heal.

Shower water temperature is a crucial element in skin and hair health and beauty. Due to a false sense of cleanliness, we often forget the natural balance of our body and focus on aggressive chemical products that remove all natural oils from our hair.

More than a hot shower

Usually, impurities adhere to the scalp between washes causing discomfort and oiliness but, while warm water has the benefit of helping to eliminate them efficiently, it also increases the natural hair porosity by decreasing oils that line the strand, resulting in a less flexible strand, less bright hair and brittle.

How warm and hot showers cause hair loss

Consider that our scalp is a sensitive area that responds to temperature changes. The scalp epidermis is only 0.1 mm thick and consists mainly of living cells, the keratinocytes, which progressively transform due to keratinization process, and form layers which become hair growth.

The “corneal layer” is the last layer of the epidermis and is the first protection against external harmful agents. This layer responds to hot water by making our pores open and dissolving the natural sebum that we produce to keeps our hair hydrated.

Although this phenomenon can be used for product or treatment application, it should be avoided in the path to a long gorgeous and healthy mane.

That’s why, indeed, hot water damages the hair, makes it dry and causes brittle, seborrhea and other fungal conditions that thrive on mistreated hair.

Using cold water instead causes our scalp pores close and allows the maintenance of strand shine and softness. Cold water closes the cuticle and prevents oil loss, keeping the flow of sebum balanced.