Eat Kale to See Healthier Hair

Kale is already a fad at juice trucks and salad bars, but it can do more than just nourish your body. It can also help you to see healthier hair. Here’s exactly how and why kale is a nutritional powerhouse for men and women who want to prevent balding, reduce breakage and grow thicker hair.

Kale Improves Hair Growth

Kale is very high in vitamin B, a vitamin that enhances circulation and ensures your scalp’s hair follicles get all the oxygen and blood that they need. This, in turn, helps your follicles to grow more hair, and grow that hair faster.

In contrast, a deficiency in this important nutrient has been linked with breakage and shedding.

Kale is High in Iron

Kale is one of the best plant-based sources of iron. Iron deficiencies, also known as anemia, carry severe health drawbacks, including balding and loss of hair.

Hair Protects the Scalp from Damage

Every day, your scalp is under attack from free radicals due to exposure to air pollution and other toxins. The vitamin C in kale neutralizes these free radicals, protecting your scalp, shielding your hair follicles, and boosting hair growth rates.

Kale is Rich in Zinc

Zinc is required by your body to promote tissue growth and repair. This includes your scalp! Eating more zinc helps your body repair damage that could otherwise lead to hair follicle damage or even follicle death, which in turn leads to thinning and balding.

Kale Keeps Dandruff at Bay

Kale is high in omega-3 fatty acids, a healthy form of fat that hydrates and moisturizes your skin and scalp from the inside out. This helps reduce your risks of dryness-related dandruff, so your hair isn’t marred by embarrassing flakes.

By eating more kale, whether it’s in a salad, a smoothie or in soup, you’ll see a healthier head of hair from your scalp to your tips.