Genetics Could Be the Reason Your Hair Is Hard to Comb

hair is hard to comb

Do you find that your hair is hard to comb? No matter how hard you try, you just can’t untangle it after you’ve washed it? This is a real problem that affects many people. And according to recent research, it could be genetic.

Uncombable Hair Syndrome

If your hair is hard to comb, it could be the result of a rare medical condition. Doctors refer to it as the uncombable hair syndrome (UHS). For most people, it occurs in childhood, before they turn 12.

The usual symptoms of UHS include:

  • Messy, impossible-to-comb hair
  • Slow growth of new hair
  • Hair that changes color to pale yellow over time
  • Individual hairs have an unusual shape

There’s no treatment for this condition, but it may resolve itself once the child hits the puberty. Sometimes, it can also occur as a result of some other health problem. If that’s the case, treating this underlying medical issue will usually help combat UHS.

Understanding the Cause

In 2016, a team of German scientists found that this condition is genetic. What’s more, they identified the three genes that contribute to it. These genes work in sync to ensure optimum hair health. According to the scientists, if one of these genes fails to function properly, it will also impact the other two.

Now, because UHS is genetic, there is no way to avoid it. But these findings could lead to the development of UHS-focused genetic tests. These tests would make early detection possible, thus helping scientists learn more about hair disorders.

Final Word

To find out if UHS is the reason why your hair is hard to comb, you should visit a doctor. They’ll check your hair for other signs of the condition and make sure that it’s not a result of some other medical issue.