Get Rid of Dry Hair with These 5 Expert Tips

get rid of dry hair

Did you know that some hair care products you use can make your hair dry? Not only does dry hair look unappealing but it can also become very brittle and thus prone to breaking. Luckily, there are some things you can do to get rid of dry hair once and for all. Just follow these five expert tips to restore your hair’s natural glow.

1. Wash Your Hair Less Often

Washing your hair too often can dry your scalp of the sebum it produces and thus make your problems worse. As a rule, people with dry hair should wash their hair every other day at most.

2. Don’t Use Ingredients That Dry Out Your Scalp

Many hair care products contain some ingredients that can dry out your scalp. The most common culprits include alcohols, sulfates, as well as silicone. To get rid of dry hair, you should avoid these products.

3. Blow-Dry the Right Way

The way you blow-dry your hair may also be making it dry. You should keep the blow-dryer at least two feet away from your scalp while using it. Use the lowest heat setting and don’t point it at the same area of your head for more than a few seconds at once.

4. Don’t Apply Too Much Heat to Your Hair

If you apply too much heat to your hair, you can cause serious damage to it. It is thus best to avoid straighteners, curlers, and other tools that expose your hair to heat.

5. Condition Your Hair After You Dye It

After you’ve dyed your hair, the cuticles remain open and thus prone to damage. As such, experts recommend applying a conditioner to your newly-dyed hair. In fact, some popular hair dyes already come with conditioners designed specifically for this purpose.

Final Word

Changing your hair care routine will usually help you get rid of dry hair. But if it doesn’t, you should visit a doctor. They’ll be able to determine the cause of your hair problems and recommend the best treatment for you.