Hair Loss Before 30: Why Is This Happening

hair loss before 30

Research all around the world is showing that hair loss before 30 is a real thing. Take China, for instance, a Tsinghua University study on 4000 students showed that 60% were suffering some form of hair loss.

That’s just one example, but similar numbers have been witnessed all around the world. There are a few things that could be contributing to hair loss in the younger generations, and they could impact anyone.


The basic structure of your hair’s life is for it to grow, stop, hang out, and then fall out. That process is very straightforward, and not a lot will interrupt it, but stress is a culprit.

Stress can cause damage to the growth process and lead to balding. With evidence showing higher levels of stress in millennials than other generations, this could be a big cause of hair loss before 30.

The Dark Side of Treatments

Millennials are known to jump onto trendy bandwagons quite easily. There is some truth to this, and it could lead to hair loss. Hair treatments are quite popular. With the rise of Instagram, Etsy, Facebook, etc., we have more access to hair treatment products too.

While they may do good things for the ends of your hair, they can also clog the pores in your scalp. If those pores are clogged, your natural oils won’t come through to stimulate the hair follicles, and this can lead to balding.

Diets Shed More Than You Think

If you’re going on a diet, the general idea is to shed some weight. You probably don’t realize it’s making you shed hair too. Your hair needs nutrients to grow. Cutting things out, as diets require, could mean you aren’t giving your hair what it needs to sustain itself. If you want to keep your hair, make sure you take in healthy levels of protein, zinc and vitamin D at all times.

In Conclusion

Hair loss before 30 is a reality for many people. While it’s in some people’s genes, others may be bringing it on themselves. By paying attention to factors such as above, you may be able to prevent it from happening to you.