Hair Loss Prevention Tips for Men and Women

Having a good hair style can complement the way you look and add to your style. Hair loss causes in men and women are similar. Both men and women can start losing hair as early as their 20s. Let’s go over some methods that may prevent hair loss.

Living a healthy lifestyle can maintain hair growth, and is healthy for your hair. This includes, daily exercise, taking daily vitamins (vitamins containing protein or keratin even better), having a balanced diet, eating foods with high proteins such as lean meats, eggs, whole grain bread, legumes, peanuts, Oatmeal, and cottage cheese. Foods high in iron, zinc and b12 can revitalize thinning strands.

Avoid hairstyles that pull on the hairline. Hairstyles like cornrows, and braids, pull on the small hairs on your hairline causing stress that can lead to hair loss. Avoid using tools to dry hair that use high heat, this can damage or burn your hair, causing hair to become brittle, break, and fall out. Be careful if chemically straightening hair or dying hair. The ingredients in these products can cause hair damage.

Using shampoos or conditioners that contain numerous oils and minerals can aid hair growth. For men, dandruff shampoo may help. Dandruff shampoo kills yeast associated with testosterone formation in hair follicles, reducing testosterone-induced hair loss.

Rogaine contains Minoxill, and can be applied to hair as a mousse or in liquid form. Rogaine works by stimulating hair follicles, in-turn promoting growth, results may be seen in six months. If you are impatient and can’t wait long to see the results from Rogaine, you could try hair-thickening spray as an alternative. The spray coats hair giving it an appearance of more volume. Essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, carrot seed, and cypress may work based on natural benefits, as well as soothing and balancing properties.

Although hair loss by genetics cannot be stopped permanently, a hair transplant or hair restoration procedure may be an option. This route will be expensive, but if you can afford it, the procedure may be worth it. This is a possibility if you experience hair loss due to androgenetic alocepia or pattern baldness.

Hopefully these tips mentioned are useful if you are experiencing hair loss due to stress, medicinal use, or bad diet. If you want any further information on hair loss prevention methods, I suggest you contact your physician for details.