Hair Supplements That Actually Work

Don’t fall for the marketing gimmicks and slick ads. Some vitamins, minerals and nutrients can improve your hair growth and reverse hair loss. And there are some that aren’t worth the price. If you’re shopping for hair supplements, make sure it contains at least one of these ingredients.

1. Zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral that helps produce keratin in the body. This in turn helps to boost the rate of your hair growth. Zinc is also a powerful antioxidant, so if you’re losing hair due to free radical damage, it can be useful.

2. Han Lian Cao

While the research is still being done on this herb, it’s one of the few herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine to help reverse hair loss and baldness. It’s even used to help resolve premature graying. The reason it works may be due to its immune-boosting powers and ability to improve blood flow to the skin surface.

3. Silica

Silica is a micronutrientt. While it’s not essential for general health, it plays a role in collagen synthesis, which means it can help build and rebuild the tissues in your hair follicles, scalp and skin.

You can find silica in supplements containing horsetail or bamboo extracts.

4. Healthy Fats

Omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats, which you’ll find in fish oil and avocado respectively, soothe scalp inflammation that could be contributing to hair loss. These fats are also important for keeping your scalp moisturized, which is important for creating an environment conducive to healthy hair.

5. Copper

Copper is an important mineral that many women and men don’t think about in terms of supplements. This mineral helps with the growth of hair. As an added bonus, it can help boost your hair color, beating the gray and making your hair look more vibrant and healthy.