How Do I Take Care of Dyed Hair?

Now that you’ve taken the step of changing looks through coloring and passed the first road of selfies, the following questions arise: will I lose my hair? How often should I wash my hair? How to take care of the hair dyed naturally?

I dyed my hair, now what?

Colorimetry is both an art and science since chemical principles are applied to achieve the necessary reactions that will change hair color without damaging it.

From gray hair coverage to fantasy rainbow hair dyes, coloration is one of the most requested treatments in beauty salons all over the world.

Simultaneously, domestic hair dye kits are selling like hot cakes with options beyond natural colors, Californian Highlights, Balayage and so on.

Risks of bleaching hair

Even with the help of a hairstylist professional, there are some possible risks in bleaching hair.

A study conducted by the International Journal of Trichology of India was oriented to understand which were the most repeated complications related to hair dye in a study group.

In general, they found that of the 263 volunteers, most had begun using dyes at an early age (approximately 27 years) to follow fashion trends, and continued to use it despite adverse reactions, such as dermatitis and dryness.

That is to say; the priority was always aesthetics over capillary health. However, is possible to achieve the hair color you long for, without neglecting hair health.

How to care for dyed hair

Whether you’ve gone from chestnut to blonde or from brunette to redhead, the following tips will work wonders for your hairs health:

Don’t wash your hair at least 48 hours after dyeing

For two days, the dye will still be adhering to the strand. Applying shampoo or conditioner will remove the coloration shortening the coloring results.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t overwash your dyed hair. Even though you haven’t applied coloration or bleach: under no circumstances wash your hair daily.

Excessive cleanliness is terrible for your hair’s health. Natural oils produced by the scalp are essential for hair strands strength and shine.

Special care

From serums with sunscreen to treatment shampoos, there’s a long list of products you can use to prolong coloration quality.

Hair masks are your best ally

Whether homemade, with something as simple as olive oil and mashed avocado, or industrialized products, constant humectation should become part of your routine.