How Hair Tattoos Could Help Men with Hair Loss Regain Confidence

what is scalp micropigmentation

You can deal with hair loss in two ways – you can either accept it and make the most out of your new look, or you can decide to change it either with medication or surgery. Of course, the latter option is much more expensive, as hair transplant procedures can cost a fortune, especially those that use the latest methods. However, there is another way to deal with your baldness – scalp micropigmentation.

Also known as “hair tattoos”, these procedures cost less but can do wonders for your look. So, what is scalp micropigmentation and how can it help you?

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

A technique that resembles traditional tattooing, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is used to inject the scalp with pigment and create an illusion of short hair that looks very convincing. To do this, many modern clinics that offer this procedure have special equipment that can match your natural hair color. When done properly, people can hardly tell the difference between a tattooed head and a shaved head.

Although these tattoos usually last the whole lifetime, they do need touch-ups as they fade over time.

How Can It Help You

Although it is particularly attractive to people with no hair, scalp micropigmentation isn’t only used to treat complete baldness (alopecia totalis).It can also be used to add density to thinner hair and repair scars of hair transplants in both men and women.

Additionally, it can also help you regain confidence and be more secure about your looks.

Final Word

If you were asking yourself what is scalp micropigmentation and whether it can help you, we hope this article answers your question. The procedure is inexpensive and very effective for some people, especially if done at a highly respected facility.