How to Use a Blow Dryer without Damaging Your Hair

how to use a blow dryer

Using a blow dryer allows you to style your hair right after you’ve washed it. But did you know that blow-drying can also cause serious damage to your hair? If you expose your scalp to too much heat, it may damage your roots and prevent further hair growth as a result. Luckily, if you know how to use a blow dryer the right way, you can avoid these negative effects.

1. Lower the Temperature

Every blow dryer comes with at least two different temperature settings. To save time on drying their hair, many people will turn the heat up. But this is the wrong thing to do, seeing as all this heat can burn your scalp and damage your roots. Instead, start at the lowest setting and switch to medium when needed. Don’t use the highest setting unless you really need to. Sure, you’ll need more time to dry your hair, but at least you won’t damage it in the process.

2. Keep Your Distance

You should always keep the blow dryer at least two feet away from your scalp. Furthermore, never point it directly at your scalp or hair roots. Dry the tips of your hair instead. Otherwise, the blow dryer will dry out the natural oils your scalp produces. These are crucial for the health of your hair, especially because it’s at its most sensitive when wet.

3. Keep Things Moving

If you know how to use a blow dryer, you also probably know that you shouldn’t keep it in one place for too long. Focusing solely on one spot won’t only dry your scalp, but it may also cause burns and scarring. The best way to dry your hair is to give it two or three passes. Move the blow dryer around the scalp until your hair is fully dry. In doing so, you’ll protect your scalp and ensure that the follicles remain in top shape.


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