How To Use Safflower Oil To Fight Hair Loss?


Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) oil is used to stop baldness and hair loss. It is rich in polyunsaturated and monosaturated fatty acids that are important for healthy hairs. You’ll find its two varieties in the market, and you can use both of them. This hair oil is the best and cheap remedy as it helps in retaining moisture and prevents loss of proteins that are the cause of damaged hairs.


Safflower oil is extracted out from the seeds of this plant that is used to cure baldness, hair loss, essential fatty acids deficiency and high cholesterol. You can easily find this oil in North America, Iran, northwest parts of India and North America. It is rich in oleic acid that protects both scalp and hairs by penetrating into the skin quickly. This versatile oil also promotes hair growth by supplying more nutrients to follicles and makes it shiny and healthy.


The vitamin E rich oil acts as an excellent moisturizer, and the antioxidant that keeps the scalp well hydrated along with protecting it from the attack by the free radicals. Safflower oil keeps the hairs healthy, especially during the winter season. The linoleic acid is a high source of polyunsaturated fatty acids that have extra nutrition to your strands and the best for dry and colored hairs.


How To Use Safflower Oil To Fight Hair Loss?

Tip 1: Safflower Oil


a) Apply oil and massage it all over your scalp.
b) Let it sit for nearly the whole night.
c) Rinse your hair off the next morning.
d) Use this mask on alternate days for healthy, shiny and moisturized hairs.



a) Wet all your hairs and comb them.
b) Take a few drops of safflower oil on your palms and rub them.
c) Apply them over your scalp.
d) Let it sit for nearly 45 to 60 minutes
e) Wash it thoroughly with shampoo.
f) Repeat this process every week.

Tip 2: Consume Safflower Tea



a) Simply, steep the dried odorless herb in 1 cup of warm water for nearly 5 minutes.
b) Strain out and consume the tea.
b) You can also add sugar to it.