How to Wash and Dry Hair for Thicker, Healthier, Longer Locks

Washing your hair might seem simple. After all, you’ve been doing it for years since you were a young child and it might seem straightforward and second nature to you. However, what many men and women might not know is that the American Academy of Dermatology has issued clear guidelines on what to do – and more importantly, what NOT to do – if you want a healthier scalp (and therefore healthier hair follicles and more hair).

Step 1: Choose Your Products Wisely

It’s not just a marketing gimmick. Choose conditioner and shampoo that’s formulated for your hair type, such as shampoo for chemically treated hair. Focus more on the qualities and target hair type than the price. In general, cheaper products get the job done just as well as more expensive products.

Step 2: Change Your Schedule

If your scalp is oily, you’ll likely want to wash your hair once a day. As you get older, or as your hair starts to thin, your scalp produces less oil and you should reduce your washing frequency. Washing too frequently or when not necessary can cause scalp health problems, inflammation and thinning.

Step 3: Change Where You Apply Products

When you’re washing, focus on applying shampoo to your scalp. Try to minimize how much shampoo you get onto your actual hair, as that can damage your hair over time and lead to breakage and thinning.

When you’re applying conditioner, focus on applying it to the ends of your hair where it’s needed most, and not so much on your scalp. Oily product buildup, like conditioner on your scalp, can harm your hair health.