Is Chea Seeds Good For Treating Hair Loss And Damaged Scalp?

Chia Seeds

Soaked chia (Salvia Hispanica) seeds contain gel-like texture that helps in moisturizing your hair scalp by giving away the required proteins as well as reverse grey hairs. Omega-3 fatty acid helps in minimizing the inflammation and make your scalp and locks healthy.

These tiny dark brown seeds belong to the mint family. Also, they are a rich in antioxidants, fiber, magnesium, phosphorus that promotes blood circulation and overall hair growth. Chia has 23% proteins and consuming them restores the strength and health of locks resulting in long and thick hair. Copper curbs hair loss while zinc contained in it repairs scalp infections and repairs damaged scalp.

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Tip 1: Chia Seeds Consumption

You Will Need:

a) 1 cup of water or lemonade
b) 1 tbsp of chia seeds

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a) Soak chia seeds in water or lemonade and wait for 10 minutes till they swell up.
b) Drink them up immediately.

Tip 2: Chia Seeds Smoothie

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a) Take one teaspoon of chia seeds gel and add in your favorite smoothie daily.
b) Consume it and add them to your daily smoothie.

Note: You can also add it to your salads, puddings, cereal, muesli or take them in a baked form for shiny hairs.

Tip 3: Chia Seeds + Lemon Juice Rinse

You Will Need:

a) 1 cup of water
b) 2 tsp Salvia Hispanica

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a) Soak Salvia Hispanica in a cup of water and leave it for nearly 10 minutes till the seeds swell up.
b) Now add lemon juice to it and mix them well.
c) Rinse your hair with this concoction, and you’ll get glossy and strong hairs.

Tip 4: Chia Seeds + Coconut Milk

You Will Need:

a) 1/4 cup coconut or almond milk
b) 1 teaspoon chia seeds

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a) Soak Salvia Hispanica seeds in the milk for nearly 10 minutes.
b) Apply this all over the scalp and leave it for approximately 10 minutes.
c) Wash your hair off with a mild shampoo.
d) Apply seeds hair mask once in every 10 to 12 days.

Tip 5: Chia Seeds + Coconut Oil + Apple Cider Vinegar

You Will Need:

a) 3/4 cup organic honey
b) 1 tsp pre-soaked chia seeds
c) 6 tbsp melted coconut oil
d) 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

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a) Mix all the ingredients well together in a bowl and apply them on your locks.
b) Keep them undisturbed for 15 minutes and then wash it off with shampoo.
c) Repeat the process once in a week for shiny and strong hairs.