Is It Safe to Use a Conditioner During Your Hair Loss Treatment?

are hair conditioners safe

Minoxidil is a common hair loss drug both men and women use to combat their problems. It usually comes in the form of a liquid that you apply to your scalp after you’ve washed your hair. But many people like to condition their hair after washing it. This opens up an important question – are hair conditioners safe to use with Minoxidil?

Do Hair Conditioners Cause Hair Loss?

Some experts claim that hair conditioners can cause hair loss. But despite how common this belief is, there’s no scientific evidence that could back it up. In fact, according to a 1992 study, it is nothing more than a popular myth.

This study looked into the effects of shampooing and conditioning your hair on a regular basis. It found that this combo might actually be good for your hair. According to the results, not only are hair conditioners safe, but they may also promote hair health.

To make sure your conditioner is safe to use, you should opt for one that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. These include some types of alcohol, as well as substances known as phthalates. These ingredients can stick to your hair long after you’ve washed it and may cause damage to the scalp over time.

Are Hair Conditioners Safe to Use During a Hair Loss Treatment?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t use a conditioner while also using Minoxidil for hair growth. As a rule, Minoxidil shouldn’t affect your regular hair care regimen in any way. You still have to wash your hair daily and dry it before applying the liquid.

But according to experts, you shouldn’t mix the conditioner and Minoxidil. Instead, you should wait for your hair to dry and only then apply the medicine. For the treatment to be effective, make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle.

Final Word

As you can see, hair conditioners shouldn’t affect the outcome of your Minoxidil treatment. As long as you use the medicine according to the instructions, there’s nothing to worry about.