Lab-Grown Skin with Hair May Help Develop New Hair Loss Treatments

new hair loss treatments

What is the future of hair loss treatment? Will this problem get resolved within the next decade? How exactly are scientists planning to help us treat hair loss?

Stem Cells: the Secret to Success?

Finding new hair loss treatments is a complex challenge and scientists are still working on it. Stem cell research is one of the most effective new directions for hair loss treatment.

But is this approach successful? How can scientists use stem cells to re-grow hair?

About Lab-Grown Skin

Hair follicles start growing in the embryonic stage. This requires growth in two layers of the skin: both the epidermis and the dermis.

You might have heard about lab-grown skin. It is usually hairless, because scientists haven’t been able to recreate the way that hair follicles grow in the embryonic stage. This changed in the beginning of 2018.

A group of scientists who experimented on mice found a way to grow skin with hair in laboratory conditions. They managed to recreate the natural process of follicles growing in the embryo by using both epidermis cells and dermis cells.

This research led to new results about how hair grows and what causes it to fall out. Furthermore, there are many ways that lab-grown skin can be used to find new hair loss treatments.

A Final Word

Even though many types of hair loss don’t have a cure at the moment, medical science has already made a lot of progress when it comes to treating this issue. Lab-grown skin with hair is a new achievement and it can lead to regenerating follicles for people who lost their hair due to genetic reasons.