Natural Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Apparently, from a physiological point of view, your hair is dead. At least, what you can see on the exterior because it does not contain blood or nerves. For this reason, you do not feel pain or discomfort when getting a haircut. This inevitably leads you to a question: do you still need to bother and preserve its health? Well, the answer is yes, due to several reasons. First, it influences your appearance, so it becomes imperative to keep it clean and shiny. Secondly, your hair cells are quite sensitive, especially when facing negative external factors including exposure to sun and icy winds as well as damaging styling techniques and chlorinated water. Thus, even though your hair is “dead,” it still reacts to the surrounding environment, but you probably noticed that already. On the other hand, from a medical point of view, the hair under the scalp is alive, and you have to provide it with enough protein and nourishment. You have to take care of your hair as you do with every other part of your being.

The consumption of protein

It does not come as a surprise that hair is made of protein, which means that if you do not include enough in your diet, your hair might suffer from this decision. Also, if you wonder why it takes forever for your hair to grow, you just found the answer. If you want to ensure the growth of your hair and strengthen it, then you should consume foods rich in protein including eggs, fish, and meat. On the other hand, if you cannot complete this simple mission for various reasons, you have other options at your disposal. For instance, if you are vegetarian, then you can get the necessary protein from soy, beans, and lentils.

The reduction of daily stress

Stress represents your biggest enemy because it not only affects you mentally but also physically. If you are susceptible to stressful situations, you probably do not have a healthy and thick hair. This is understandable but repairable. All you have to do is engage in certain activities that will help you relax, and that will distract you from everyday concerns and responsibilities. Whether you choose long walks, meditation, yoga or just watching a comedy movie from time to time, you will notice a difference in your hair and your everyday mood.

Oil treatments and hair supplements

Deep conditioning usually helps to maintain the integrity of your hair, but oil represents your best ally in this department because it gives your hair the needed vitamins and minerals, thus increasing its overall health. Many hair experts recommend using coconut, lavender or rosemary oil, especially by integrating it in homemade masks. They are easy and cheap to do, not to mention that provide excellent results. Hair supplements represent another solution for your thin and unpleasantly looking hair. However, taking into account the options on the market, you should inform yourself and make sure that the product you are buying will not do more harm than good to your hair.


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